Shartega IT Client Testimonials

Peace of Mind

“My understanding of networks and IT is limited to say the least. Knowing that I have a group of guys, not one individual, that listen to what my wants are and then execute those wants into a workable plan gives me the greatest peace of mind. I know they operate by the same standards that I do, which is to not sacrifice quality under any circumstance. I know that the product they deliver will get the job done and will always be flexible enough to adapt as we grow or our needs change.”

Danny Wolf – Owner, Dan Wolf Automotive Group

“They’re really good at responding and resolving all of our problems.”

Happy with the services and that’s reflected through their almost 20-year partnership. Shartega IT is attentive, responsive, and organized. They resolve issues and problems on a consistent basis and keep communication lines open. Reliability is a hallmark of their great work.

They’re really good at responding and resolving all of our problems. All it takes is a phone call or email and they’re on it. Their team walks me or a co-worker through the issue, or they’ll take over the computer and teach us. We have a happy relationship.

“Work with them because they’ve done nothing but be first responders to our problems.”

Helping Us Grow

“Our company has used Shartega Systems for the past 8 years. They have been there for us when we had no idea what we needed or wanted. Shartega staff came to our office and gave us several options they felt would be beneficial for our small business.

Well over time… Shartega has grown with us helping us grow from “Out of the Loop” to a “State of the Art” software system including building our server. With their leadership and guidance we are very confident that Shartega will be around for a long time as internet technology changes.”

Patrice Cooper – Administrator, Advanced Foot & Ankle

The Perfect IT Option

“The auto industry as a whole in many areas is a bit behind technologically. This is frequently illustrated when you walk in to many dealerships even today. However, the industry is rapidly catching up and even getting to the point of being on the leading edge, thus dealerships need to be prepared. Sometimes it is difficult for the dealer to just go out and hire a top notch IT guy because of the price and the fact that many dealers simply do not need someone full time to handle their network.

Shartega is the perfect option for any auto dealer looking to build and support the more sophisticated networks required by today’s standards of functionality and security. They understand the requirements of the manufacturers, the demands of the business and how to implement architecture that facilitates the many applications required by the dealership personnel for the different departments.”

Jeremy Schultz – IT Director, Gerald Auto Group – Naperville